It’s funny how some people can touch your life without really ever knowing they were there at all.  That’s the case with Usha.  

Two years ago, my life had bottomed out.  I was drinking heavily and I had lost the will to carry on.  Life had become little more than an everyday struggle to to dull the pain.  I was lost and alone in a city of millions of people.

So, I left the city of Philadelphia and moved to a little beach town in Rhode Island to try to re-discover myself and find some modicum of peace.  I began practicing yoga at this little yoga studio in called ‘All That Matters’. That is where I ran into Usha. She was my favorite yoga instructor. Each week I would look forward to the peace that her class would bring my very troubled mind.

I got to know her from our discussions before class.  At the time I was trying very hard to heal myself spiritually and emotionally. Over time I learned that she had been suffering breast cancer and was trying to heal herself physically. Though she had lost both of her breasts to cancer, she never complained. She was always smiling and went out of her way to kneel next to me before every class, put her hand gently on my shoulder and ask how my struggle was going.

I haven’t seen or talked to her in about a year now. Last night, I looked her up on Facebook and I saw that the cancer had returned and she is now back in the hospital. This picture on her page inspired me.  She quietly and happily lives her life appreciative for each day.  It’s a funny thing that happens when you decide one day to do something completely out of character…something like walking into a yoga studio one afternoon and saying you’d like to try something new. Sometimes, if your lucky you get to meet a person like Usha.

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